Welcome to Bethlehem University’s Jubilee Campaign page! As we launch our Jubilee Campaign, we invite you to imagine what tomorrow looks like for us, and take part in shaping it!

With you on board, Bethlehem University will start fostering a new era of creativity, innovation, and education of excellence—for our University, our community, and the Holy Land!

Join our campaign today and shape the future with us!

The Jubilee

As Bethlehem University celebrates its 50th year, we boast an incredibly rich history in the Holy Land as pioneers of higher education, and a unique message of the Jubilee. For us, Jubilee symbolizes a time of revival, and this is exactly what we seek to do as we celebrate our Jubilee: revitalize all elements of our mission: from research, academic programs, structures, campus facilities and resources, our University goes beyond celebration, to a sustainable commitment for the benefit of our most important asset: our youth, the youth of Palestine.

For this, as a forward-thinking, ambitious educational institution, we will continue building on the values and foundations of success that we established over the past 50 years, and we will keep working together to continue serving our Palestinian society and communities with the best way we can: providing quality sustainable education.

As we realize that we’ve come a long way in our history, we know exactly where we want to go next. Looking forward, remaining adaptable and resilient, and striving for educational excellence, we have defined a set of goals that we seek to achieve under our Jubilee, in cooperation with our partners, supporters and friends who believe in our mission and share our vision for a better future, from private sector actors, to civil society, and academia, there is a place for everyone as we proceed in our journey, and every contribution matters.


the tremendous contributions of the University to the people of Palestine, and honoring all the contributors to this continuous success.


the construction of our first Students & Visitors’ Center and boost student leadership & talents programs.


new undergraduate and graduate programs and initiatives to improve the academic excellence


50 new scholarships for 50 years: access to education and success for students by boosting merit scholarships


Campus sustainability, greening and modernization to optimize student learning experience and boost green culture


a Research Endowment that creates partnerships and opportunities in academic research and innovation

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Jubilee Events




The International Bethlehem Conference

Bethlehem: History, Archaeology, and Cultural Heritage The Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Program at Bethlehem University is pleased to announce the international conference: “Bethlehem: History, Archeology and Cultural Heritage” to be held simultaneously in-person and online…

  • 09:3017:00(March 10, 2023)




Workshop: How to select the appropriate journal for your articles

The Office of the Dean of Research is pleased to invite you to attend the third workshop of the Bethlehem University Research Workshops series for the 2022-2023 academic year titled, “How to select the appropriate…

  • 11:4513:00


Are you eager to be part of our future and participate in building our world of tomorrow? Add your name to our Jubilee Campaign and write the future with us!

As an Organization/ Company/ Individual

Whether you are a company/ business/ organization or an individual wishing to contribute to the advancement and growth of BU, a donation in kind or as gift —is a key success factor in our Jubilee campaign.

Under the Jubilee campaign, you can contribute to the causes and goals that interest you, or your company/ organization, as follows:

Support research by expanding the interdisciplinary approach, including the creation of research chairs

Nurture student potentials and talents with scholarships

Build a motivating environment by helping us get new equipment or implementing projects to modernize or renovate our infrastructures.

As a sponsor, and in return for the commitment made, your company benefits from exclusive advantages (putting you in touch with researchers, students and others).

Learn more: http://dev.bethlehem.edu/give-bethlehem-univeristy

For more questions, please contact: advancement@bethlehem.edu

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